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Your Stories

Our long history is just as much about our customers as it is about us. We love to hear your stories about your traditions with Lindey's! Send your "Lindey's Stories" to, and if we use your story here, we will send you a $25 gift card!

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Dear Lindey's,
When I was a high school senior and eager to impress a date I asked a buddy where we could go for a great dinner. He said he'd heard from his dad about a great place near University and Snelling in St. Paul called "Lindey's", and he said he'd be happy to double with me if I wanted to try it. So we asked the girls and arranged to go out soon on a Saturday night.

We found Lindey's in the basement of a bar, on the northwest corner of Snelling and University. We went down the stairs and were seated at a small table with wire-backed chairs and listened to KUOM from the University of Minnesota piped in over a speaker system.The waitress brought the now famous stand-up menu for us to review and, even though the steaks were in the three-dollar range, we didn't think we could afford the top of the line. But we were not disappointed in our meal! In fact, it made me a life-long Lindey's customer, even though I haven't lived in St. Paul since 1963 and the restaurant soon moved to the old Wagon Wheel location. The menu and the meal are still the same and the occasions are always memorable.

I've hosted British bankers and New York executives there, and once we even took a tour of the kitchen after someone asked how the meat could be so enjoyable. We recently had our 50th high school reunion and my friend, who lives in Chicago and Florida now, asked me how Lindey's was doing. I told him we would make a date there again the next time he came to town.......with the different girls that we're now married to.

My son is a Lindey's devotee and plans to go there this weekend with his date to meet other family members. Keep up the good work.......I can't remember much about my high school dating experiences, and I don't remember which girl I took to Lindey's, but I've never forgotten getting acquainted with the restaurant.

Frank Ziegler
Paynesville, Minnesota

Front of Lindey's

Dear Lindey's,
Thank you, thank you, and thank you for providing such a wonderful place to eat magnificent steak!  I've been fortunate to have visited many of the top rated steak houses in the country.  I always find myself comparing them to Lindey’s.  There isn't a steak house I'd rather visit.  Over the years, we've spent so many special occasions at Lindey’s.  And every time we've been rewarded with the finest steak anywhere, and magnificent service, and just a warm, comfortable feeling.  This evening, we will again be introducing yet another couple to your wonderful restaurant. I can't wait!

Scandia, Minnesota

Table Inside Lindey's

Dear Lindey's,
I just wanted to thank you guys for the amazing steak each time we visit! We enjoy the cozy comfort of your restaurant and the DELICIOUS food. Each time we go out to dinner we just can't order steak unless we are at Lindey's, because we know that no restaurant can compare. We look forward to bringing my mother-in-law in this week to have a nummy steak for her Mother's Day gift. Please keep up the good work!!! A Lindey's Steak lover,

Jenny M.


Dear Lindey's,
My first visit to Lindey's was in 1980 when I first moved to Minnesota.  I went there after work with a group of co-workers.  Lindey's seemed like a little house in the woods and very Minnesotan, to this ex-New Yorker.  Still, I loved the steak and the family feeling and I knew this was a special place.  Now that I've lived here for 28 years, I feel I'm a true Minnesotan.  I don't feel like an outsider anymore, and after eating yet another great meal at Lindey's tonight, I realize that I've now been part of Lindey's history for more than half of it's 50 years. 

I still feel that Lindey's is Minneapolis-St. Paul's best steak restaurant, and I love the salad and dressing, the potatoes that are across of mashed and hash browns, and the addictive garlic brea too.  Perhaps in another 20 year, I'll even warm up to the pickled watermelon (perhaps you have to be born in Minnesota to appreciate that)!  Thanks Lindey's for 28 great years of memories and meals.  This is one of my all-time favorite restaurants and it is now a tradition in our family.

Ted R.
Crystal, Minnesota


Dear Lindey's,
Happy Anniversary to Lindey's!  In the late 50's, when I was a teenager, my dad took me out to Lindey's for my first real steak dinner at a nice restaurant.  It was just the two of us before my high school graduation.  I was blown away by the dark cozy atmosphere, friendly service, and the huge delicious steak.  My Dad told a legend of a man named Lindey who secretly prepared (marinated or something) the steaks in the basement, which made my visit even more fun.

White Bear Lake, Minnesota